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Discover the mental and physical benefits of sound healing.

Healings offered

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Core Energy Balance & Tune

Targeting the primary energy centres in and around the body, all frequencies are retuned and balanced, and all energy blockages cleared to restore natural flow and harmony.

Core Energy & Biofield Balance & Tune

Expanding on the core energy treatment, deficiencies within the human biofield are also treated with all energy blockages in all fields cleared and all frequencies restored to optimum performance.

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Distant Healing

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Remote Sound Therapy

By accessing the universal quantum energy field, an energy exchange between the therapist and client is available, allowing our sound healing treatments to be available to everyone regardless of distance or geographic location.

Remote Sound Healing (Pets)

Just like humans our pets also have a Bio-Field and can also suffer from energetic blockages and frequency disruptions leading to possible physical, emotional, mental stress, and discomfort. By applying the same principals as with Remote Healing, we are able to provide a full biofield and energy centre balance and tune for your pets to gain overall improvement in their general health and wellbeing.

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Corporate Wellness

Take care of your valued employees with our Sound Healing for business program, and experience the positive impact it brings to your workplace!

Our Unique Process

Through a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern techniques, we restore balance and flow within your body, mind, and soul. Our holistic approach targets the deep-rooted low frequencies in your energy centers and aura, eliminating the underlying causes of imbalances. Thanks to incredible scientific advancements, we now possess the knowledge and understanding of how to tap into the universal quantum field, a realm that connects everything. As a result, our sound healing therapies can be administered to both humans and pets regardless of their physical location.

Energetic Assessment

We access the universal quantum energy field to locate problems within the biofield and core energy centers. These fields are made up of subtle energy, so this procedure is not limited to the conventions of three-dimensional time and space. As a result, our procedures may be effectively completed from anywhere in the world or across long distances.

Targeted Frequencies & Vibration

We utilize precisely tuned solfeggio tuning forks and ancient Tibetan singing bowls to rebalance the frequencies, which are joined through the process of quantum entrainment. Quantum entrainment is the tendency of two vibrating objects to re-match their vibrational frequency as they begin sharing energy. Entrainment is a well-known phenomenon.


Sound healing and therapy is a powerful and effective technique for restoring balance and harmony to all areas of the mind, body and spirit. Once performed, a period of integration may be necessary to adjust to the flow of higher energy. Maintaining plenty of rest and keeping yourself hydrated is essential at this stage. Light exercise and spending time in nature is also a great help as it connects the renewed energy with the earth, helping to speed up the integration process.