Sound Healing & Therapy benefits

Sound Healing is particularly effective against stress-related conditions. Anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), systemic or local infection, asthma, circulatory conditions, and immune system support are common problems treated by sound healing.

There has been extensive research conducted that supports the use of sound to promote wellbeing and as a treatment for ailments. For example, a tuning fork or singing bowl can actually alter brainwave frequency to aid in an individual's health. At an anatomical level every sound that is processed by hearing is channeled through nerves that signal the parasympathetic nervous system. This means that the balancing effect made by sound wave therapy can help correct areas of the nervous system that are vital for good health, such as reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. Given that the nervous system is essential for general health, immune, and recovery response then it makes good sense to consider our Heal with Sound treatments.


Cognition and mental energy treatment.


Pain relief and improved recovery.


Stress and anxiety treatment.


Improve sleeping patterns.


Low mood and emotional stability.


Stronger immune system. 

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Sound healing and therapy for pets

It is common knowledge that animals are sensitive to sound with a much greater hearing range than humans. Your pet can benefit greatly from a sound therapy session in temperament and overall health.

The Human Biofield

The human mind, body, and spirit are all connected via core energy centres linked to the electro-magnetic energy field surrounding us (also known as the human biofield).  As medical practice advances we realise that a more holistic and purposeful approach to healing, nurturing, and care of our physical and mental health and wellbeing is necessary.

The human biofield acts as the communication hub for sending, receiving, and storing the signals and messages being communicated through our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. These signals arrive via frequency, and the more positive the signal being transmitted, the higher the frequency received will be. For instance, thoughts and feelings of love and gratitude are very high in vibration which is why they make us feel good whereas feelings of anger, resentment, and grief have the opposite effect.

Heal with Sound home bio field

When the biofield is receiving and transmitting high vibrational frequency signals, these are received in their purest form by all parts of the physical body, however when low vibrational signals are sent, they can arrive scrambled and incoherent when they reach the bodily organs and systems. For instance, if the brain receives incoherent information regarding the initial stages of a condition developing in the liver, the condition will likely continue to grow until the symptoms manifest in the body. Mental and emotional trauma, sadness, depression, guilt, shame, are all examples of low frequency signals being received and stored in the biofield, which until retuned and balanced will continue to have a negative impact on our physical and mental health.

Our sound healing techniques approach these issues from an energetic level, meaning that the emotional or feeling component of the illness (often the root cause of the problem) is targeted. This helps to eliminate many of the mental health and behavioural issues that can result from an illness.